Trakmaster Owners Club

  • The Club is a not for profit organization open to all owners of Trakmaster caravans. Its purpose is to:
    • Providing social, educational and recreational activities for its members
    • Organising and conducting caravan and or four wheel drive outings for the enjoyment of members.
    • Providing the opportunity for members to gain experience and knowledge in operating their caravan and vehicle efficiently and safely in all conditions.
    • Promoting goodwill and friendship and cooperation between members of the club as well as with clubs having similar purpose.
    • Supporting the conservation of the natural environment.
    • Facilitating the training of members of the club in the use of their caravan and tow vehicle.
    • Promoting the safe recreational use of caravans.
    • Assisting with community services where possible.
    • Helping to keep the Trakmaster name in good standing.

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