GORV – Pilbara S Review


A couple of months ago, GORV announced the launch of custom builder Trakmaster (Off-Road) Caravans’ new direction: a range fixed-format vans designed to make the buying decision as easy as possible.

Under the ownership of Gason, a company that makes agricultural machinery and other equipment, Trakmaster’s chartered course is one of significant growth. A range of fixed-design caravans, where what you see is what you get, is a key plank in the strategy.

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Caravan Industry News – Pilbara Extreme Review

Caravan Industry News 28/02/2017

Continuing Trakmaster’s long tradition of building true off-road caravans comes with Trakmaster Pilbara Extreme, with the ultimate in off-road ability. It is a complete package ready to take on your next outback adventure.

Designed specifically for outback use, capable for off-road remote travelling & harsh conditions. Easily towable with an extreme external design and modern, stylish & comfortable interior, this van is perfect for those who want to experience the Great Australian Outback.

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Caravan World Explorer Review – Best Aussie Vans 2016

Caravan World01/12/2016

Trakmaster’s Pilbara Explorer is purpose built to go off the road and off the grid.

Leaving the city canyons behind and delving into the thick, rich brown scrub of the Aussie bush is a challenge for any caravan, but the Trakmaster Pilbara Explorer is well-equipped for just such forays.

Generally, for offroad caravans, the smaller the better. So the Trakmaster’s relatively compact 4.32m (14ft 2in) body length and an upswept rear, affording a 40° departure angle, are definite pluses for offroad travel.

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Caravan World – Pilbara Extreme Review – Best Aussie Vans 2015

Caravan World 27/01/2015

The Pilbara Extreme is a very attractive proposition as an offroad caravan. It’s well-built and clearly has a number of items added that could only come from an experienced offroad traveller.

With a body length of just 5.31m (17ft 5in), it is not a particularly large caravan but,in many ways, that is an advantage for narrow or heavily undulated bush tracks.

Although the Pilbara was not the winner in its category, it’s a very well set up caravan and aspirational offroader for adventure lovers.

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Caravan World – Pilbara Review

Caravan World 01/07/2014

In summary the new Pilbara pop-top is built tough for serious off-road expeditions.  The Pilbara is the latest in versatility fitting in nicely between the 4.2 to 4.7m Kimberley and the 4.8 to 6.4m Tanami. The Pilbara is available in lengths from 3.8 to 6.1m in a pop-top or as a full height caravan. Thermally more efficient than our other models, the Pilbara is made from the  same compressed fibreglass panels (CFP) as the Tanami, which are 20 per cent thicker than other wall structures.

The design of the latest Pilbara is aimed at appealing to a younger market with its bold graphics and tough styling.  However, please note these graphics are available in a range of colours to satisfy all our buyers.  The Pilbara provides adequate storage for its size and you can even throw in the Webber Baby Q!

For the full review by Michael Browning, visit Caravan World.

First Pilbara Built as Caravan

Caravan Camping Sales 27/06/2014

Trakmaster’s first Pilbara buyers have had it built as a full height caravan. The Pilbara off-roader was released in pop-top prototype form at the the Melbourne Leisurefest last October, but it looks like proving more popular as a full-height caravan. Thus, is the flexibility at Trakmaster, with the Pilbara now available in both forms. Even, the floorplan can be determined by you, making this model the most popular of the nine available in the Trakmaster range.

Extra water tanks, solar panels, deep cycle batteries, Webasto diesel heating and larger Dometic compressor fridge/freezer are all optional extras that can be accommodated in the Pilbara.

Take a look at the full article which details the options one buyer sort for their Pilbara off-roader.

Caravan Camping Sales – Pilbara Review

Caravan Camping Sales 26/04/2014

Introducing the all new Pilbara combining the best features of the Gibson pop-top and the much larger top of the range Tanami, giving the Pilbara serious off-road capabilities, and the space to include the comforts of a combined shower-toilet ensuite. You have the choice of a Pilbara pop-top or a full height Pilbara caravan with single or tandem axles and internal body lengths from 4.7m to 5.0m.

The Pilbara is your true off-road van sporting tough new looks, resembling those of a Tonka Toy which we believe will appeal to our younger market. The Pilbara has an enormous ground clearance which is reassuring for those of you planning to venture into remote parts of the country, keeping all your “unders” such as pesky gas pipes, water tanks and wiring out of harms way.

Airbag suspension is available on the Pilbara, however the most popular option with buyers is the Sugarglide trailing arm suspension featuring 150mm coil springs and large bore (40mm) single shock absorbers. This results in less stress on your van over rough terrain and is in turn passed onto the tow car.

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Caravan World – Tanami Review

Caravan World 02/04/2014

The king of off-road caravans, The Trakmaster Tanami will tackle the most remote and undulating roads of the outback. Trakmaster are the off-road specialists, only building vans for off-road. The Tanami is built on a hot-dipped galvanised one piece 150mm steel chassis with a Hyland off-road coupling. The Tanami comes in body lengths from 4.8 to 6.4m with the larger version offering a separate shower and toilet set-up.

The Tanami’s rounded corners, enclosed jerry can and gas bottles on the A-frame, enhance the aerodynamics and greatly improve fuel economy and towing. The width of the Tanami is a standard 7ft 6inches, which is narrower than other vans its size, but this allows for ease of towing.

The Tanami has thought of everything, even a scoop on the roof of the van which can be opened on very dusty outback roads to pressure the interior and keep it dust free.  The interior of the Tanami is an inviting set-up with everything you need for long-term travelling.

For more, feel free to read the article at Caravan World.

Camper Trailer Australia – Gibson Review

Camper Trailer Australia 22/04/2014

The reasonably priced Gibson is ticking all the boxes when it comes to off-road ability. It comes with a solid timber frame construction, Sugarglider independent coil-sprung suspension, the high cut away rear body and modest dimensions making for easing towing and great ground clearance.

Gibson’s 1990kg ATM gives you the ability to pack up to 300kg of gear on top of filling two 60 litre water tanks, three jerry cans and twin 9kg gas bottles. We must mention that your gas bottles, their regulators and hoses are all protected by the Gibson’s substantial stone shield. There is also a slimline boot to store your jockey wheel, extra hoses, power leads and the like.

Internally the Gibsons layout makes use of all the available floor space. You can sit comfortably at the 4 seat dinette, there is ample hardwood cupboards for storage, a 90L Dometic three-way fridge, good use of bench space with stainless steel sink and stovetop, both fitted with drop down lids to provide extra usable space. At the rear you will find your double bed. There is no internal shower, however provision has been made for an external shower tent and a dedicated locker under the bed for a standard size portable toilet.

For more on the Gibson, refer to the article at Camper Trailer Australia.

Caravan & Motorhome – Gibson Review

Caravan & Motorhome 19/08/2013

The Gibson certainly packs a punch for its small size. In saying that, you won’t feel cramped in here, with the pop-top roof providing additional head space and a great floor plan that takes advantage of all available space. There is a three burner gas stove, a sink with fold down tap and a drop down lid, providing additional bench space and a 90 litre Dometic three way fridge to keep those drinks cool! At the rear of the van, you have an innerspring double bed with gas struts for storage space below. There are even more cupboards above the bed and all cupboards come with Hafele marine latches so when you enter the van after a rugged day out, you won’t have any nasty surprises.

Like all the Trakmaster vans, the Gibson is built on a one piece 150mm Australian steel chassis and of course the standard Sugarglider suspension.

Caravan World – Kimberley Platinum Review

Caravan World 19/08/2013

The Kimberley Platinum pop-top caravan is put through its paces in an outback adventure to Mungo National Park. The Kimberley is available in lengths from 4.2m to 4.7m in a pop-top or full height caravan, in either a single or tandem axle configuration.

The Kimberley chassis is hot-dipped galvanised 6 inch rails that go the full length of the van. Excellent protection is provided for the water tanks and plumbing by the armour protection so you won’t get any nasty surprises at the other end. The van is also fitted with heavy duty mud terrain tyres, but the feature that stand out most on the Kimberley has to be the water system. The Kimberley is fitted with one hose inlet for both of your 100 litre water tanks and includes connection to mains pressure water. There are three switches located behind the bin door that regulate your water flow, depending on which tank you want to use, or if you are connected to mains water.

To see how the Kimberley faired on its outback adventure to Mungo National Park, read the article at Caravan World.