Congratulations on your purchase of a new Trakmaster, the newest member of the Outback HQ suite of Australian-made off-road RVs, and welcome to the Outback HQ family.

Each link below details relevant information around the order, build and delivery phases of your purchase.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with this detail.

Your sales team member will be in contact with you at the appropriate times on this journey.

Any queries, please contact your sales team member directly or call Outback HQ on 03 8727 6100.


Let’s get the money part over first!

Outback HQ has a simple three-step payment plan, with multiple payment methods available. Importantly, 80% of the purchase price is not due until collection of your new van.

Payment plan

Our payment plan consists of three instalments

  1. the deposit payment of 10% has been paid to confirm your build spot and process your order
  2. a progress payment of 10% is required twelve (12) weeks prior to the production start date (coinciding with the finalisation of your order with your sales team member)
  3. a final payment of the balance owing is required to be cleared in Outback HQ’s bank account prior to the scheduled collection date – please see below.

Invoices will be issued to you to support the progress and final balance payments.

Sales Contract

Your deposit payment receipt will have been accompanied by your Sales Contract (Order and T&Cs).  If haven’t already done so, could you please sign your Order and the last page of the Terms & Conditions and return to your sales team member as soon as possible.

Payment methods

Our preferred payment method is Osko or bank transfer. You will find our PayID and bank account details respectively on your invoice.

Credit card payments over $5,000 attract a 0.79% surcharge. Amex and Diners cards are not accepted.

Cheques – personal, business or bank – should be made out to Harvey Technology P/L.

It is your responsibility to ensure that we have cleared funds in our account prior to pick-up.  As a guide, Osko and credit card payments should be immediate, bank transfers can take 24-48 hours, and cheques up to 5 business days.


Should you require assistance with financing your new Trakmaster, we recommend National Leisure Finance (NLF). They are specialist financiers with extensive experience, flexible finance solutions and are across our product range.

Contact Marco on 0422 010 300 or info@nlf.net.au


Choosing the right specs for your needs

Your initial deposit has secured your build slot and put your initial order into our system.

You now have a window of opportunity to research and decide on which configurations and options you wish to include in your Trakmaster.

Please note that we require your order to be finalised twelve (12) weeks prior to the production start date (coinciding with the 10% progress payment).

Your sales team representative will be pleased to work with you through this process and help you with your choices, and will prompt you when the order needs to be finalised.

We would encourage you to focus on the following as you finalise the specification

  • north-south or east-west bed configuration
  • internal storage – drawers or wardrobe
  • internal cooking – do you require in addition to the external kitchen and, if so, a full gas cooktop (for frequent use, perhaps) or specify a battery/inverter combo to support a portable induction cooktop (for occasional use)
  • external cooking – classic or premium kitchen
  • fridge – adding an internal fridge, additional to the standard external 95L
  • heating and hot water – diesel heating / hot water or gas hot water
  • reverse-cycle air-conditioning (note that a 240v power supply or generator are required to run)
  • power – battery and inverter options and combinations, fixed solar input
  • rear bar options – jerry can holders or firewood box or bike rack or additional spare wheel
  • wheels and tyres.


We don’t want you turning up for your delivery handover to find out that you mightn’t be permitted to leave our premises with the new Trakmaster n tow!

Please ensure that the following are attended to on your tow vehicle prior to your delivery handover.

Vehicle and towing capacities

It is essential that aggregate weight limits (for the van and combined with the tow vehicle) are understood and observed, along with weight distribution as measured by tow ball weight.  Failure to observe weight limits could void your warranty and may be dangerous to you and others or cause damage to your vehicles and/or others’ vehicles and property, and it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that sufficient ball weight is maintained to ensure van stability.

Electric brakes

The Trakmaster is fitted with electric brakes and, as such, there must be an electric brake controller fitted (prior to pick-up) to the tow vehicle.

Outback HQ recommends the REDARC Tow-Pro Elite V3 but recognises that there are other reputable brands that can also be fitted. Please discuss with your auto-electrician the best set-up for your vehicle and needs.

Tow hitch & height

Please ensure the tow vehicle has an appropriately-rated towbar and trailer ball mount rated to suit the van you have ordered. Please remove any existing tow balls, Treg hitches, etc prior to the handover. A new DO-35 hitch pin will be provided for fitting at handover.

The recommended height for towing is approximately 550mm. Please measure the distance from the top of your tow hitch to the ground. If it is less than 500mm please contact your sales team member to discuss.

Breakaway brake safety system

Your Trakmaster is fitted with a breakaway brake safety system designed to activate the van brakes and brake lights if the van is accidentally separated from the tow vehicle.

Whenever towing, it is a legal requirement that the breakaway system is connected to the tow vehicle. To achieve this, you must be able to connect the supplied carabiner (on the dedicated cable running to the drawbar) to a separate point on the body of the vehicle; it must not be connected to any part of the towbar on the tow vehicle. Please ensure that such a point is available.

Anderson plug & ‘Live wire to pin 2’

Fitting an Anderson plug to the rear of your tow vehicle allows your van to charge while you are driving, and is strongly recommended. Please discuss with your auto-electrician the best set-up for your vehicle and needs.

Please ensure that there is a live wire to pin 2 on your vehicle’s trailer plug. This assists in the van recognising that it should be charging through the Anderson plug while driving, and also supports other utilities such as rear-view cameras (if fitted).

Your sales team member can provide an information sheet covering the above vehicle requirements on request. If you would like to use an auto electrician local to Outback HQ, we recommend Maroondah Auto Electrics, Unit 2/19 Gatwick Road Bayswater North 3153, (03) 9720 4501.


Protect your asset


As a VicRoads dealer, Outback HQ is authorised to

  • register vans in Victoria for Victorian residents
  • arrange an Unregistered Vehicle Permit for interstate residents – these permits are intended for moving a vehicle from place to place on a one-off basis, noting that the vehicle can be used for a single journey as specified on permit, travel must be by the most direct route only and for a maximum of 7 days.

Your sales team member will request a scanned copy of the (intended) registered owner’s Driver Licence prior to the registration process.

In the case of registration in a business name, please ensure that your business is registered with VicRoads, either with the ACN or its own customer number. The business must be set up with VicRoads to be able to have a vehicle registered under its name.


Once the build process has commenced, we will be able to supply you with the VIN of your Trakmaster, to assist you in arranging your insurance prior to pick-up day (arranging on the day can cause significant delays at handover, so please avoid this).

Please contact your sales team member to obtain your VIN and/or any other detail required by your insurer. For Victorian-registered vans, the registration number will be available the day prior to handover.

We recommend Club 4×4 Insurance – they are a specialist off-road caravan and 4WD insurer and are familiar with our products.

Please visit their website – www.club4x4.com.au – or call Club 4×4 Insurance customer contact centre – 1800 258 249 – and quote our referrer code ‘TRACKT01’.


Be excited!

Your sales team representative will contact you as your new Trakmaster nears the end of the production process and moves to pre-delivery stage to arrange a mutually-agreeable delivery/handover time.

The handover will take approximately 3 hours to familiarise you with your new Trakmaster, including demonstrating the setting up of your van, the correct operation of all the inclusions and hooking-up to your tow vehicle. This comprehensive session will enhance your enjoyment of the Trakmaster experience and the benefits of having purchased a product from Outback HQ.

Following the handover, you will be required to complete a ‘handover checklist’ to acknowledge that all the key areas and salient points have been covered. It’s a great way to ensure that nothing has been overlooked.

Handovers are conducted at Outback HQ, with appointments set for either 9:30am or 1:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Before you arrive for your handover, please ensure

Interstate customers

We encourage owners to take delivery of their new Trakmaster from Outback HQ, to ensure the best possible handover experience.

To ensure that you are comfortable with the operation of your new Trakmaster, Outback HQ will book a site for two nights at a local (within a 30-minute drive) caravan park so that you remain in the vicinity should any queries or issues arise as you get to know your van.

Interstate customers who are unable to collect in-person are welcome to arrange transport (at the customer’s expense) to collect their van from our factory. In such instances, we can offer a video-call handover to cover the key features of the van. Please speak to your sales team member if you would wish to do this.


Be ready!

There are a number of items we recommend you have with you when you collect your new Trakmaster

  • a 15A power lead – for use at powered sites and charging at home (with an adaptor)
  • a 10A to 15A adaptor – so that you can plug your van into a normal domestic power outlet at home (or at a friend’s home when travelling) to charge and/or use 240v appliances
  • level ramp and chocks – to help level your van and/or secure the wheels on uneven ground
  • food-grade water hose – to best maintain the quality of water from source into the van tanks.

You also might like to consider purchasing a SmartSpace cookware (saucepans and frypan) set.  These store well within the premium external kitchen, and have proven popular over many years with other owners in the Outback HQ family.

Outback HQ can supply all of the above, including a special bundle deal – please speak to your sales team member.

Another item to consider purchasing is a portable solar panel (there is a dedicated input point on the Trakmaster), to allow you to ‘chase the sun’ and supplement your rooftop solar, particularly if you are camped in shade. There are many brands, capacities and styles on the market, and your sales team member would be happy to provide some guidance.


Staying safe!

It is essential that wheel nuts be re-torqued after an initial run-in period. The wheel nut tension must be re-checked after the first 100 km of operation and every 100kms for the first 400kms and thereafter check wheel nuts before each trip. The recommended torque (provided by our axle supplier) is 135Nm (for 12mm or ½” wheel studs, 6-stud hub) or 200Nm (for 14mm wheel studs, 5-stud hub).

Regular maintenance should be undertaken as required, but it is recommended that a full service is undertaken every 10,000km or annually, whichever occurs first, or prior to an extended trip, with an initial ‘bearing and brake check service’ undertaken between 1,000 and 3,000km of travel.

It is recommended that brakes are adjusted and tyre pressures checked on a regular basis.

Please contact the Outback HQ Service team for further information.