Trakmaster staff are Outback enthusiasts, with practical knowledge gained from regular travel off the bitumen. We know the demands that are placed on vehicles and equipment.

This experience is married to design skills, construction practices and engineering which combine to deliver quality, first class comfort, safety, and product confidence for your adventures off the beaten track.

Every Trakmaster caravan is quality checked through its construction and delivered to high standards. Each unit combines the owner’s special needs with Trakmaster experience, from choices of suspension through to furnishings fitout.

The annual “Trakmaster Trek” takes Trakmaster owners and their rigs through rarely-travelled parts of Australia, places that sometimes have not seen anything other than 4-wheels drives and perhaps camping trailers. We are confident of our products, and back them fully.

Professional Membership

Trakmaster is proud to have membership of Industry organisations which monitor the quality of Members’ products for the protection of the public.


Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Association of Australia
The Caravan Trade & Industries Association of Victoria